Umbrella Theater Company

Umbrella Theater Company provides support to small theater companies so they can concentrate on what they do best, as well as presenting our own shows.  We do this by supplying them technical and managerial expertise; helping find people (particularly exceptional students) to design and run their productions; renting or loaning equipment such as lighting and sound; providing workshops on technical and business topics; being a bridge to assistance from more established companies; handling charitable contributions; and co-producing shows under our business and technical umbrella.

-- Our mission statement

While we are planning our productions, you can see what is currently happening with local theater companies at Now Playing Utah.

If you are a theater company that would like to have Umbrella Theater help you with a future production, you can contact us:

            Umbrella Theater Company
            c/o Lee Hollaar, Managing Director
            1367 East 100 South
            Salt Lake City UT 84102-1822

               Phone: 801-363-8086

While our web site is being developed, here are links to information about us that may be useful:

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