Umbrella Theater loans equipment, including equipment owned by others but managed by us, to other theater companies, generally at no cost. The equipment listed here is that most commonly requested. If you need something not listed here, contact our Managing Director to see if we have what you want. If we don't, we might be able to get it from another theater company, or if it is something that we think will be used by others in the future, we may purchase it for our inventory.

For many items, additional information is available including links to user manuals or notes about using the item.

Lighting equipment

In addition to the lighting equipment listed below, we have a variety of electrical extension cords, DMX cables (primarily three-pin but some five-pin) in short and long lengths, DMX splitters to simplify the wiring of a number of fixtures, adapters, and testers. We can help you planning and setting up the installation for your show, including figuring out how to connect it to a building's existing power system correctly.


Primarily, Umbrella has lighting equipment for use in a "found space" without existing stage lighting, primarily LED fixtures because of their low power consumption. We also have specialized fixtures such as followspots and fixtures to enhance an existing lighting system, as well as a number of older incandescent fixtures.


Umbrella's dimmer packs are used primarily with the ETC Source Four fixtures which do not have an integral dimmer like most LED fixtures. They are more often plugged into a wall outlet to control a small number of fixtures on a lighting tree, reducing the number of extension cables that need to be run.

Control consoles

Umbrella can help you select a lighting console that best meets the needs of your production. We have a simple DMX console that can control up to 192 DMX channels, and a ChauvetDJ Stage Designer 50 that can control 48 DMX channels as well as handle them as scenes. These consoles are best for simple functions and we are currently developing How-To guides on how to use them in common situations.

For shows with lighting cues or using color LEDs, we recommend using a lighting control program that runs on a personal computer (generally a PC with a touch screen, either yours or Umbrella's). We have had good results with Onyx (formerly Martin P-PC), which is available at no cost. Another option if you also have a number of sound or video cues is QLab, also available at no cost for a version with limited capabilities (such as controlling only 16 DMX slots). If additional capability is required, it can be licensed on a per day basis. Umbrella has the USB devices to provide DMX outputs from those programs.

Umbrella can also help you with show control, where you can use one program (such as QLab) to control another program (such as Onyx), simplifying the running of your show.

The sooner you contact Umbrella with your needs, the easier it will be to come up with a good solution for your production.

LED strips and strings

Umbrella has a number of controllers for LED strips and strings, and can help you select what is best for your particular needs. Our Managing Director designed the wireless LED controller used by Pioneer Theatre for many of its productions, and recently taught a workshop on LEDs for the Utah Theatre Association convention.


Umbrella has both powered speakers and mixing consoles available, along with a variety of audio and video cables. If what we have doesn't fit your needs, we can help you locate a source that does have what you want. We also have TV cameras whose functions can be controlled from a remote control or lighting console.

In addition we have Eartec headphone communicators (1 master, 3 slaves) so your crew can communicate during a performance.




For building platforms, either as part of a set or for seating, Umbrella has sixteen 4'x4' and sixteen 3'x3' "triscuits." These are small platforms supported by a steel frame that are attached to a simple frame to give you the platform height you want. Our Technical Director can help you incorporate them in your set design.

We can also help you find things for your set from other local theater companies.