Our 2019 Activities

2019 was a formative year for Umbrella Theater company, particularly in providing technical support in a number of ways to small theater companies.

During 2019, Umbrella Theater:

  •  Co-produced Sackerson's "A Brief Waltz in a Little Room, 23 Short Plays About Walter Eyer" which opened on August 21st at the Urban Art Gallery in the Gateway. We we responsible for the technical aspects of the show, with our technical director, Cara Pomeroy, supervising the designers for each of the rooms and purchasing the materials that they needed; our artistic director, Jamie Rocha Allan, directing some of the segments and assisting the directors of the others; and our managing director, Lee Hollaar, setting up the lighting and programming the control for the telephone room.
  • Sponsored Utah Presents production of "Doggy Hamlet" used as a challenge grant so that Umbrella's contribution was more effective.
  • Co-produced Motley Wandering Minstrels production of Gilbert and Sullivan's "Ruddigore" and "Not Too Baroque to Tango" concert.
  • Purchased lighting and sound equipment, and made arrangement with other owners of equipment, to be made available for loan to other theater companies. Those using that equipment included Utah Repertory Theater, New World Shakespeare Company, Sackerson, The Empress Theatre, and Pioneer Memorial Theatre.
Last modified on April 06, 2020