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Umbrella Theater Company was started in 2018 by Jamie Rocha Allan, Lee Hollaar, and Cara Pomeroy to promote live theater in Utah. We do this primarily in three ways.


Umbrella Theater loans equipment, including equipment owned by others but managed by us, to other theater companies, generally at no cost. The equipment listed here is that most commonly requested, and is particularly well-suited for productions in unconventional spaces. If you need something not listed here, contact us to see if we have what you want. If we don't, we might be able to get it from another theater company, or if it is something that we think will be used by others in the future, we may purchase it for our inventory.


Umbrella provides support to small theater companies primarily by working with those companies by supporting the technical aspects of the production. Our people have expertise in sound, lighting, and set design, and we have connections to theater companies and theater professionals throughout Utah who we can call on for advice. We can also help them find people (particularly exceptional students) to design and run their productions.

For theater companies that haven't taken the steps to become a non-profit corporation and get charitable status from the Internal Revenue Service and tax-exempt status and a charitable solicitation permit from the State of Utah, co-production with Umbrella allows you to take advantage of Umbrella's already having those in place. And for those who are thinking about starting a new theater company, Umbrella's co-production can take care of all the non-artistic aspects of your production.


It is difficult for aspiring theater directors or designers to get that first production in which they are fully in charge. While they may have been the assistant director or assistant designer on a production while in school, in many cases they have never had all the responsibilities being the director or designer of a major production. This is especially true as schools have had to cut back on the number of productions and don't want to take the risk of a new director or designer.

Umbrella addresses this problem through its mentorship program in two ways. First, when we are handling the technical aspects of a production we are co-producing, we try to have the designers be students or others working with the support of our Technical Director or other experienced mentors. Second, we produce plays ourselves giving aspiring directors the chance to be mentored by our Artistic Director.


If you are a theater company and Umbrella can help you in any of these ways, contact our Managing Director with information of what you would like to do.


Last modified November 15, 2020


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