Not Your Ordinary Theater Company

Umbrella Theater Company was started in 2018 by Jamie Rocha Allan, Lee Hollaar, and Cara Pomeroy to promote the performing arts, primarily live theater, in Utah.

Umbrella loans equipment, including equipment owned by others but managed by us, to performing arts organizations, generally at no cost. We help the arts organization select the equipment that best fits their needs and is within their capabilities to operate (with our training), and sometimes operate it for them or help them find somebody who can. We also provide consulting and technical assistance to venues that wish to improve their lighting capabilities, such as we did for the Alliance Theater. Umbrella also has a "lighting fixture rescue" program, accepting donations of fixtures which we recondition and loan to other theater companies, as well as a cost-sharing program for new fixtures.

Umbrella co-produces with other other theater companies when we can provide technical, design, or directing assistance for a better production. When Umbrella is handling the technical aspects of a production, we try to have the designers be students or others working with the support of our people or other experienced mentors. We also works with other theater companies to lessen the risk of using a new director by providing assistance as the concept of the production is being developed.

For theater companies that haven't taken the steps to become a non-profit corporation and get charitable status from the Internal Revenue Service and tax-exempt status and a charitable solicitation permit from the State of Utah, co-production with Umbrella allows you to take advantage of Umbrella's already having those in place.

If you are a theater company and Umbrella can help you in any of these ways, contact our Managing Director with information on how we can help you..


Last modified February 20, 2023.


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